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Bill increase

Hello, for over a year my bill has always been $44.07. Today when I was billed it came to the amount of $49.72. I looked into my usage and I wasn't charged extra for anything. My last bill says "Canada-Wide Data Plan 39 $39.00 with $5.07 GST/HST. New bill says "Mobile services $44.00 GST/HST $5.72 Thank you

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Did you upgrade your phone recently and took Tab Medium? That would explain the extra $5.
I haven't upgraded or changed anything
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The on phone data limiter doesn't always work 100%. Set it a bit lower for next month.
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The data limit is a guesstimate on your phone. It's not 100% accurate. Best bet is to have it set a good 100mb below your limit.
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You can indeed set a limit, but like the others said, Koodo's calculations are always correct. Secondly, the limit/warning feature installed in the phone can just be overridden by turning on data again so it's not totally secure.