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Bill email notification stopped

Ever since I signed up with Koodo about a year ago, I have been receiving email notification for bills. For past 2 months I have not. My email address is fine and I have checked things like spam/junk filters. What is wrong with email notifications?

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When you log into self serve do you notice the email notification is still checked? It's the Billing tab then Change Bill Type / Notifications

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Actually, that has been an issue for me too. I'm signed up for both text and email notifications, but the email stopped coming about 2 months ago. Just like the OP it's not in my junk folder or anywhere else.
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Our MM liaison has been made aware of this issue and Koodo is looking into it
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Hey ChetanS! Just to add to what Dennis mentioned, you should reset the notifications for the E-Bill reception. When you log onto your Self Serve, click on "Billing", "Change Bill Type / Notifications" select "Paper bill" and confirm. Redo the same steps this time select "Email Notification" and confirm.This will help by refreshing the system. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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It happened to me 2 bills ago. I called Koodo and my last bill rang through my gmail account, notifying that bill was ready.