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Bill ballance 0

  • 29 October 2020
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Why am I getting this message from Koodo:
“Your recent payment was declined by your financial institution on October 15, 2020.
You’ll still need to make a payment to avoid late payment charges on your next bill. Pay quickly and easily through Self Serve.
If you’re on pre-authorized payments:
Since your payment was declined, your pre-authorized payment information may have been removed from your account. You’ll need to log into Self Serve to update or register again for pre-authorized payments.
If you paid using your bank account:
A $25 NSF charge will be applied to your next bill. “


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4 replies

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Did you change your bill payment? Or if a credit card did it expire Nd you forgot to update? Any changes at all?

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Because you had a payment that was declined. It would be best to contact your bank and ask them why they declined it.

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 And when did you receive this message?Where do you see that message?

Your screenshot of chat saying your balance is $0.

Also it’s  saying they received your payment on 28th  Maybe 15th payment was declined, but 28th payment went through. 


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How did you pay?

Can you confirm the payment went through on the financial institution’s’s end?