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I have been using koodo for over three years. This month my bill was over the limit of my bill that I used to pay . I used to pay 64$ each month but thos month it says I have to pay over 190$. I am wondering what is wrong...!!!!

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Yikes, that is a huge amount Ha! Unfortunately we don't have access to your account, so the only thing we can do is guess that you went over your limit, minutes or data wise. Or perhaps you were roaming without knowing it? You can check page 3 of your invoice (in self service) to see what charges were so much extra, and then you could call Koodo (*611) to see if it is possible to do something about it - no guarantees, but worth a try 🙂
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Definitely check your e-bill on Self Serve for more information and you are always free to call customer care to go in depth with your bill and the charges and even dispute some of them.