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If I were to get a phone and monthly plan, would I have to pay upfront for the "tab" or does part of my monthly bill pay down the amount of the phone. This would be on a contract.

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Hi Mary, You can choose however you want it, either pay for the phone up front (you can cancel at any moment without paying more than your last bill), or pay for the phone using the Tab. In that case, if you cancel your plan you will need to pay your last bill AND any remaining Tab. However if you keep your plan (wise decision), your phone will be paid off gradually with each bill - 15% is used to pay off your phone. Depending on the Tab (small, medium or large), and the price of the phone, you can pay as much as $600 and as little as $0 up front 🙂
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With the medium and large tabs there is a $5 and $10 tab charge (respectfully) that you would be responsible for. This would be in addition to the 15% of your bill (before taxes and service charges) that we would credit towards your tab.