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Big Koodo Brainstorm Idea - Loyalty Rewards Program

Koodo is already an innovative company, and I think that my idea of Koodo Loyalty Rewards will both further this sentiment as well as introduce a beneficial reward for longtime customers of Koodo. My idea is to implement a loyalty reward program to returning customers based on yearly recurring business, in that customers who have been with Koodo for a certain number of recurring years perhaps get slight or added benefits to their service, such as special loyalty plans or reduced upgrade costs for their next phone. The customer might even perhaps receive a choice on what rewards they would be most like. An example might be that a 2-year Koodo customer could have a choice between a 10-20% discount on a phone upgrade, or a 10% discount on their phone bill for a certain number of months. This loyalty program would both encourage a customer to continue their service with Koodo as well as provide an added feeling of customer appreciation for the customer, and provide yearly (or bi-yearly) milestones to look forward to. The variation of possible loyalty rewards is significant as well, providing opportunity for new, fresh rewards every time a customer reaches a level of loyalty. Thank you for considering my idea, Jerold Bronsch - Jbronsch@gmail.com

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