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Best time to change plans to avoid proration

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So with the new double plan I will be changing my plan. My billing cycle ends on the 6th and starts on the 7. when would be the best day to change plans on the 6th or 7th? And will I be able to avoid any prorated charges by changing plans on that day?

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The 6th. If you do it on the 7th, it will be too late and you will see a HUGE probation on the bill AFTER the one that will come out after 7th. You won't be able to completely avoid proration, but the charges will be miniscule. Less than a $1 probably. You are still paying for what you're getting and nothing more or less.
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on the day you lr plan ends so in your case the 6th.I like to do it the most day before my cycle ends though and the proration is only a couple of dollars.