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Being charged for texts but plan includes unlimited messaging

I would like to know why my wife is being charged for text messages when her plan includes unlimited text and picture messages? She isn't being charged for received messages but she's being charged for every message she sends.

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Does her plan actually have unlimited texting? Some of the really old plans don't... The other thing it could be is she sending picture messages? It requires data access, and no it doesn't actually "use" data, but once you turn it on, the phone more than likely will update apps, weather, push email, FB, etc. And then you get charged for it (if you don't have a data plan). What phone is she using?
Yes it does include unlimited texting. She just switched to a new plan last month so it is one of the current plans. Her data usage is below her monthly allowance and there were only 4 picture messages so that isn't a concern. We send several texts every day so they add up by the end of the month (464 this bill). On the current bill she was charged an additional $40.20 for text messages. That was as much as her current plan should cost. I just don't know why she's being charged when her plan includes unlimited text and picture messaging.
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Could be roaming texting... I would call customer service to get clarification on your bill. It might not even be for texting......Maybe premium texting?
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Check page 3 of your bill. It will explain what the charges are for. Question: do you live in a place near the border? Windsor, Niagara Falls, etc.? Sometimes your phone will grab a U.S tower and incur roaming.
I was charged for 2 incoming text messages when I was in the US. One of them was from Koodo, welcoming me to the US....thanks. When I sighned-up for this plan in March/2014 I was told incoming texts were free when I was in the US and Carribean. When I spoke with a Koodo customer service rep today on the phone they are telling me the plan has changed and I will now be charged for these inbound texts from now on, despite the fact the Koodo website still says free incoming texts within the US. Regarding the Carribean roaming, however, the Koodo website now says that they will charge for incoming texts. So what's the story here? Why isn't my agreement grandfathered. What's next, taking away unlimited text within Canada?
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Peter Bush wrote:

I was charged for 2 incoming text messages when I was in the US. One of them was from Koodo, wel...

Actually, originally the rep who told you that incoming texts were free back in March was misinformed. As of August 28, 2014 (2 days ago), incoming texts while roaming are free. Pay-per-use charges are not grandfathered.