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Been getting calls from collection agency for previous owner.

  • 20 August 2020
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Been getting calls from the collection agency for the previous owner of this number.  None stop. Everyday since Janurary. Even getting texts now from MetCredit. I’ve had this number for so long you think Koodo would update them that the number isnt tied to the owner the are looking for.


Cmon, really?


How can I fix this?

6 replies

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Have you told them when they call that you're not the person they're looking for?

I haven't. Its always been automatic machine calls when I get called. And to be honest, I don't want to call them and have to explain the situation. I don't know what the process is it to verifty that I'm not the owner they are looking for, but im sure its a hassle. They are looking for two people, not just one. 


I'm the customer and I think Koodo should fix this themselves. They should have followed up with them and told them the number belongs to a new owner, since last year.


I've already had my number so for long that it's not just easy to switch. Its my work and personal number. 


I've tried blocking them but they keep using different numbers and its really annoying 

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Sadly, once Koodo sends a number to a collection agency, there isn’t more they can (or will) do.  I really suggest you pick up the phone and talk to them and explain you are not the non-paying customer, I mean surely they have a means to talk to them in person?

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Are they actually calling about a koodo account or or is this the contact number on file for a different unpaid bill? Because if it's the latter then it really has nothing to do with koodo.

Assuming that your account is postpaid then adding the free call control add on should allow you to block robocalls.

Yeah its for Koodo. The robocall says the persons name, the amount owed, and specially says its for the unpaid koodo bill. 

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Yea from experience if you get a hold of them they're usually pretty good about leaving you alone.