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Base plan renewal issue

I added a top up voucher June 21, but then received a message on June 23 saying I did not have enough money. I signed on to the website to see that I indeed did have enough money. Now my service has been suspended and the website says I have $0 balance. The transaction history shows that I did add the top up voucher (June 21) and that my base plan was renewed (June 25), but I now have no service. I have used the contact us option (with all the details). The two questions I have are, will I really have to wait a full business day to regain service? Why when I call the Customer Service number did I not have any option to speak with anyone?

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I knew from one friend with a prepaid account that actually there is a problem with plan price that are expiring before the expiry day. She was told that by a client care rep as she had the same problem. The issue is under investigation . To regain service you have to call client care.When calling customer service , if you want to speak to someone, keep pressing 0
I tried that. If I put in my PIN first, it just keeps telling me my account is suspended. Pressing 0 does nothing. If I press 0 before PIN, it says that it will get me some help, lets me know that I might be charged $5 for customer assisted call, then hangs up on me.
Try to call from landline ...i tried it on my side and it did work....When you are asked to key in your number just press 0 and 0 on the rest of options
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Hello Jon, Call in to call customer service @ 1-866-995-6636.
I called in once I had access to another phone again and this time I could get through to a live person. I was advised to power cycle my phone and it is now working again. Thanks everyone.