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automatic payment for prepaid base plan

  • 5 February 2013
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how do i know if my prepaid base plan is set up as an automatic payment?

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5 replies

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DID you set up a credit card to have automatic 30 day top ups? I'm sure you can check on self serve somewhere
Let me rephrase the above question: How do check whether or not I set my prepaid base plan as an automatic payment? Where would I find this in my self serve account? Thanks 🙂
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Hi there, on the main page of your Self Serve account (http://koo.do/RGBIrb), simply click on Credit Card 🙂 If you didn't, simply enter the following info: Credit Card Number Expiry Date CVV2 Address Postal Code First Name Last Name City Province Country
So if everything is filled out, it is set to be renewed monthly. And I can expect to be billed on the date stated on the main page? :

Ah nevermind, I see it now. In the "Automatic Top-Up" tab under "Billing"