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asks for payment, won't accept payment

received message that minimum payment must be made to keep below credit limit. when i try to make a payment it says it can't accept more than 20% overpayment or 0.00 because balance still says 0.00 owed?

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How much does it say on your ebill that you owe for payment? You can download the pdf ebill from self serve in a computer
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Also how did you try to make a payment? If you can't do it through online, you can call Customer Service *611 and make a payment.
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What you should do is talk to customer service. You may have unbilled charges, which is causing you to get the notice that you need to make a payment to stay under the credit limit of $200. The reason why you are getting a notice that there is $0 owed, is that is based on your billed amount which our balance is showing that you owe nothing. You may have to make a payment through the bank instead of using a credit card in order to overpay your bill. I am not sure if payment services are able to take overpayments using a credit card.