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Are there any current plans that offer free incoming calls?

I'm super disappointed with the customer service I received last month from Koodo. I had been having overages on my bill the past 3 months so I called them to ask advice on a new plan that meets my changing needs. After 30 min of discussion based on the info the associate provided, I agreed to a plan change that they executed and waived the fee). To my astonishment this month my bill has tripled because the information about the new plan was incomplete and I have massive overages. After a 90 min call two days ago (and Koodo issuing a 150.00 credit) I have reviewed the web site in detail and find they no longer offer an affordable plan that meets my needs. Not only do I no longer trust their customer service advice, my bill has doubled! Be careful when you change your plan on the phone with their advice (I had free incoming calls from North America and it worked for my lifestyle I just needed more outgoing minutes). My advice/suggestion is to go to the web site and MAKE SURE what they are saying is accurate BEFORE you change your plan and NEVER authorize them to make the change over the phone (it may seem easier but in my case it was a costly mistake that means I have to change phone carriers soon). Is Koodo capable of offering a plan 35 dollar plan that permits unlimited incoming calls? Is my best alternative to change to the 60 dollar plan? Grrrrr.

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You can get unlimited incoming calls (from anywhere) or outgoing minutes (to Canada) calls as a $10 add-on.
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Jonathan I wrote:

You can get unlimited incoming calls (from anywhere) or outgoing minutes (to Canada) calls as a $...

Oops, that's $20 for outgoing, my bad.
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You can add unlimited incoming minutes for $10 per month, or unlimited minutes overall for $20 to any monthly plan in self-serve. The incoming minutes can be calls from anywhere, including overseas, at no charge to you at all. https://shop.koodomobile.com/plans/add-ons/index.html This is a volunteer forum that has no access to your bills or calling pattern, you will have to do that yourself. If you don't need data, the $30 plan + unlimited incoming or overall minutes would work at $40 or $50 per month + taxes. Since I have an inherent scepticism when dealing with salesmen, I always check the web site, and I make my own plan changes in self-serve. There's no confusion/obfuscation/misinformation/plausible deniability, etc. possible when you do it on your own. Make it a point to log into self-serve mid-way through the month, to see how things are going if you have any limitations. You can bump you plan up or down and save on overages. 200 minutes may sound like a lot, but if you hit someone's voicemail, a wrong number in/or out or other non-productive call 6 or 7 times a day (all rounded up to the nearest whole minute), you'll already be busting the bank.