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The Suggestion in this box says." Describe your praise"..Well it is multi layered. I just got off the phone with your customer service agent who epitomizes the words 'Customer Service' I had inadvertently clicked on a text message and was being charged for this monthly. She listened well and assured me I was not as foolish as I thought. Whew! I have been a customer for almost 2 years and in that time have managed to convince 12 people to ditch their contracts with companies that shall remain nameless and turn to Koodo because of your well trained staff and competitive plans. No One has taken me off their Christmas list for doing so and they are ALL happy with me for advising them so wisely. Thank You for restoring my faith in how a Big Company can give you personal attention.

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Thanks a lot for the kind feedback Jo-Anna! At the end of the day, realistically speaking, there is little to differentiate most companies from one another. They all carry similar phones, most have plans that are reasonably competitive. We want to stand out by making the experience of owning a mobile phone as simple, fair and painless as possible. And, to be honest, most of that comes down to customer service. In your case that meant our rep being fully aware of these "premium messages" that we know frustrate some of our customers, and helping you out by resolving the issue in a fair manner. If you happened to have caught her name I'd love send her this post. Like most humans, they revel in positive feedback and we want to make sure they do know when things go well. Thanks again for sharing your experience!
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I also had a good customer service experience with Koodo reps, and that is why Koodo was awarded many times the J.D. Power and Associates award for customer satisfaction like on December 18, 2008 and June 27,2012 - Bravo Koodo
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reading this makes me beam with joy. 🙂 this is awesome thanks jo-anna