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Angry at Koodo

I got an iPhone 3 weeks ago and I'm still being charged the blackberry social plan and unlimited messaging when I never wanted to keep those features and I specifically told the guy who switched my plan that. So why am I being charged for these add ons when I can't even use them on my iPhone plan.

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make it yourself with self serve
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If you spoke directly to Koodo care and they forgot to change your Plan from BB Plan to non BB phone, they'll credit you, if it was done by store, you may explain that also to care rep, they'll understand that it wasn't your mistake.
Hi Janet , sorry for you. But you can fix the problem either by removing the features using your selfserve or call the client care at *611. I m sure that they will credit you those feature since it is not your fault
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Janet, Thats really unfortunate, go back to the store that did that to you and request to get credited for the past month that you unintentionally paid more money. If it is a reseller, then I recommend that you call customer service and tell them what had happened.
The kiosk won't be able to help you with this, I would suggest calling customer service and explaining what happened. They should be more than happy to take those off your account and credit you for the incorrect charges.
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Did you get charged the full month usage of the Blackberry add ons? Keep in mind that if you switch mid billing cycle to the new plan, you would still get charged a partial amount for what you had used from the Blackberry add-ons until the point you switched.
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Hi Janet... Sorry about this, It is normal to feel that way but remember that there is always a solution to everything, so call Koodo and expose your case with all the details and for sure a solution will be given... Remember the importance of checking your account regularly on Self Service to avoid these type of situations, at least once a month to see the bills...