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An error has occured. Opps! ....

  • 5 October 2021
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Trying to setup auto payment via credit card, after card info input/verified, going into the last step (3) .. and here is what I got, on two different browser, multiple attempts:  Firefox (left, first few attempts) and Chrome (right. last few attempts).

Oct 4, 11:50PM Vancouver time.

I must say, as a new customer, I am not terribly impressed with the stability of Koodo web site and its self-service function.  I won’t even mentioned the amateurish coding that necessitates multiple page refreshes (I must have count 8 or 9) before it render Self-Service landing page…  well I guess I just did.

Ask your web developers to do better, please.

signed, a Frustrated Customer.



Best answer by Bernard Koodo 5 October 2021, 14:56

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8 replies

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Pay Now does not work either.  I give up.

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@mowan When we look at the nightly reports pre-authorized set up and payment transaction appear to be working.  Enough transactions are flowing through to suggest the system is healthy. We are also unable to replicate the error you are seeing. 


What we do see is that you updated your address.  In the first few months you address on your credit card must match the address on your Koodo account otherwise payment indeed will fail.  This is for security and fraud measures.  I hope this helps explain things. 

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My addresses do match, although I did update both my credit card address and my Koodo billing address within the hour.

If it is in fact the address is out of sync, one would hope for a more descriptive message vs the “oops, something happened”.

I just tried again and it fail again.  5 hours later.  So I guess I will make another attempt in a day or two.

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@mowan I think that maybe the challenge. I don’t believe we get real time update on changes from the banks.  Too many tries could also raise flags. As far as the the more descriptive message, I don’t disagree...and where possible we do our best. In cases like this to describe specifically why things don’t work may help fraudsters.  Have you tried payment through the phone via our automated system?

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Most likely that’s the reason why it’s not working. Try again and report back if it works or not.

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Interesting that I get a call-back from an agent this morning, even though I did not scheduled it.  She put me through the telephone prompt and that also fail, she mentioned something about account info not match.

I have confirmed both address matched exactly (give or take a space between the two segment of a postal code, but that I have no control over it is how the system format the string).

I have confirmed  on the phone with my credit card company that the problem is not their end.  They don’t see any requests from Koodo at all.

It is still not working as of 7PM tonight.  You would think that the various koodo systems if they have separate stored copy of my address would be in sync by now, and they reach out to the bank or an intermediary to match info rather than relying on a cached and apparently staled version from the banks, but whatever.

I guess I will it another try tomorrow. 

Otherwise I will try to  push the payment from my bank side if Koodo Self Service continue to not cooperate.

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In the mean time just to get your payment through, I suggest making a payment via online banking this month and try again next month. If it still doesn't work then definitely something more is happening behind the scenes 

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It has been 5 days and I just tried to setup a PAD again.  Same error!

I can’t believe even a mismatch bank data at Koodo side is not resolved by now, 5 days later.