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Allow Customers to Choose either Monthly or Yearly Data Plans

We know that Data is the new Minutes and people are now worried about not having enough or going over on their data usage.  Koodo is a company and community who is empowering customers by encouraging them to interact with their phone bill, by means of the easy to use self serve program.  People now have access to the videos, blogs, recipes, and social media they want and desire to be in total control of the phones/company/plan they use.  Why not let them decide how they want to spend their data?  For an average 1GB per month user, this would look like 12GB per year.  Their bill would essentially stay the same, but for those months where they go over slightly, they do not incur a higher bill.  And for those months where they are under slightly, it would carry over to the next month.  It would be at year end where their data usage was evaluated, and they could decide if more, or less, was necessary for the following year.  Once again, this is a way that Koodo empowers its customers and keep them happy in the long run!

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