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Airtimes minutes

I signed up for the $39 dollar plan which included the double the minutes 450. My bill says 135 anytime minutes. So am I not reading this properly or understanding this plan.

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Ah yes... the oh so common pro-rated first bill. What happened is your phone was activated about a week or so ago, from what I can tell. The # of minutes in your plan is divided by 30 days (an average month) and then multiplied by the # of days from your activation date to your billing cycle date + the first month in advance. Data is not pro rated. Minute calculation: 450/30 days = 15 minutes per day. 135 (total you stated)/15 = 9 days to the billing cycle (proration). Price calculation: $39 plan/30 days = $1.30 per day x 9 days = $11.70. Your first bill includes that amount + the first month in advance ($39) so it comes out to $50.70 + tax. You're NOT being charged extra and you're NOT "losing" minutes, it's just how billing cycles work. This is with every telecom provider in Canada. I wish more reps would explain this in store. It would significantly lessen confusion for customers and alleviate the call centre from having to answer this all day long. If you still don't understand, please let me know. 🙂
I really appreciate you to spend time to explain this to related person and true this we get to understand anythinga or something in between ... so .... thank you so very much .... Nova