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airtime usage notifications via text message

  • 24 October 2014
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I think it would be extremely helpful for customers to be able to get notifications about their airtime usage via text message. For example, a text message could be sent when the available airtime was 50% used, and another when the limit was almost up. I understand similar notifications are available for data usage, so it should be simple to put in place
This measure would be particularly beneficial to persons such as myself who suddenly find their calling patterns have changed for whatever the circumstances may be. I myself recently incurred $224 in additional airtime during the two months that transpired after my husband's cancer diagnosis, when life became as a blur of doctor appts, waiting forever on hold to get in, tests, surgery, people calling to see how he was, etc. When your husband's life is on the line, worrying about phone minutes is likely the last thing on your mind, especially if you've never used up your minutes before. As I was at the hospital without access to a computer, I didn't print my bills out till much later, and what a shock!  If someone had let me know I was going way over my limit, I  would gladly have signed up for the $20 / month add-on for unlimited minutes, or looked into other available plans and upgraded.
I think this idea would give customers some reassurance that their next bill isn't going to be a shocker. I had been a loyal Koodo customer for some time, signing up family members and telling others how great Koodo is, but there's nothing like getting a nasty bill to leave a sour taste in your mouth. Text notifications would ensure customers like me keep having positive experiences even when difficult life circumstances.

10 replies

It's pretty sad that this "conversation" started over occurred 2 years ago and Koodo still doesn'...I agree. They brag about nasty bills, but airtime can cause those just as easily as data. What's surprising is Bell, who I don't usually consider user-friendly, not only texts re airtime overages, but offers the opportunity to avoid the cost by adding extra airtime to your plan. It just doesn't seem that difficult if they already have it in place for data!!
It's pretty sad that this "conversation" started over occurred 2 years ago and Koodo still doesn't have this feature.  I am a new Koodo customer and would really like to get notifications that air time is running out.  The plan I have has 100 minutes, and that is not a lot, and the phone I have on the koodo plan is the "kid's phone".  This would be a valuable service to give your customers.  It is not only data that can make a phone bill's balance surprising.

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We have been with Koodo for nearly 7 years, are very satisfied, and have no intention of switchin...Why are we talking about an application? 😛 The idea was about sending text messages!
We have been with Koodo for nearly 7 years, are very satisfied, and have no intention of switching. But this is a value-added idea that will pay off in customer referrals and loyalty. I would pay for the app without a quibble, and believe that Koodo would make money on the app itself very quickly and ongoing. Too bad another company is FIRST. Now the race is on.
I'm a Koodo client and I totally agree with the comments of other clients above. It'd be extremely convenient to see those alerts implemented. Why is Koodo not moving forward with such a great idea?
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Bell seems to have Koodo beat in this regard! My husband has a Bell plan, and recently got a text notification that he had gone over his long distance usage and would incur $15, then another text a later that day saying he was up to $30 (he was doing an unusual amount of conference calls for work). The great thing is by going to the Bell website you could change your plan retroactively if you wished to avoid the extra charges. In his case, for only $15 we switched to a no limit long distance plan, the only catch being you had to keep it for 2 months before switching back. In our case, it still saved us money and stress, especially as it was early in the billing cycle and the final bill may have been even larger.  Its about time Koodo did something like this. Don't let Bell outdo you, Koodo!!
Thanks for your comments. I do believe it would not be that difficult to give alerts for airtime usage... They already do it for data, so why not?. It would go a long way towards creating satisfied customers, and really, customers who continue with a compny for years have got to be worth more than some over-use charges here and there. Getting slapped with a big unanticipated bill can make an otherwise satisfied customer jump ship in a hurry. Come on, Koodo, and implement this or risk losing customers!
No, this doesn't help... see our text and voice usage on self serve is not always something convenient, especially during a time of crisis, or a difficult time (as I clearly agree with Barbara above), I'm not sure I understand why Koodo will not move ahead with this idea... Getting hundreds of dollars of airtime excess usage is not something that encourages us to be content with the service or to promote.

Same for myself, I've been telling others how great of a service I've been having with Koodo, had 2 referals, and a handful of other friends telling me they've converted to Koodo, partially du to comments I've made....

I feel as thought this (adding a notification for airtime minutes) should be an easy feature to add and I would be very greatful to spend extra dollars to add minutes (even if they are pro-rated on the month). Sometimes exceptional usage can noticed a little bit in advance and it would save insane bills (hundreds of dollars) during times where I may not expect to make as many calls... It would also spare a lot of frustration when we get these huge bills that we did not expect at all... 

Usually, 11 months of the year go by fine, but I'm beginning to think I have to switch plans or switch providers to allow for unlimited calling because the 1 big payout (overuse and overcharges) are beginning to make quite the differences in the average price I pay monthly...

I really do not understand how the answer above helps... I sincerely hope Koodo will re-evaluate this potential to add this feature, I would even be willing to pay a prime to have this feature...
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Hey Barbara, Thanks for the idea. We're always excited to hear about ways we can make your experience with Koodo better. Although we won't be moving forward with this idea, you can see your data, text, and voice usage using the Self Serve app. If you haven't used the app before here is a bit of info on it. http://koo.do/1dvSCVx Hope this helps.
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I really like this idea. I'm sure I posted it aswell, but I'd like to see this implemented! Also, what's this idea's status? You have this implemented for data, why not airtime minutes? Is it going to become an implemented idea?