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When will Koodos offer an airtime notification? I recently revived a large bill for exceeding my airtime. all my calls................ but for a bill to go from $38 to nearly 100 is insane!!!! i called up customer service asking about a airtime notification (just like data notification). the people an the phone where very nice and understanding! The last guy i spoke with (a manger) agreed that there should be a notification and said he would do his best to help implement it! It is aug 26th 2013. hope to see this soon for every ones sake! Any way, they helped me out with the over charges and received the complaint very well!! i was going to cancel and now im happy! thank you koodos customer service!

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I wouldn't object to this idea (you could put it in the ideas section). But why not just check your self-serve account on your phone from time to time? It's quick and convenient. Generally, most people have an idea if they have used sufficient minutes to be concerned about where they stand relative to their usage.
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Glad to hear you got your issue resolved amicably. That does sound like a nice idea. Maybe you should rephrase this post as an Idea to get more people involved. I have personally been pushing for a widget that logs minutes and data. We all agree we like 3G WatchDog as a Data Tracking widget, but sadly I havent been able to find a similar app or widget for minutes. Until then, though, most phones have a built in minutes tracker that you can manually reset the counters for at the beginning of your billing cycle. and the SelfServe App has more detailed tracking.
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Get koodo's self serve app on your phone. It's easy 🙂 http://help.koodomobile.com/self-serve/self-serve-app/how-do-i-download-and-install-the-koodo-self-serve-app
if you have a smart phone........................................
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Then you can register for Self Serve(on your pc). You can check your usage, account’s balance.. I check mine almost every day 🙂 http://help.koodomobile.com/self-serve/registering/how-do-i-register-for-self-serve
I try to monitor the app, but still I feel as though this is an easy feature to program a notification. Now-a-days I have too many bills and too many things to monitor, I really don't want to have to check every 2nd day (near the 2nd half of the month) to check how I'm doing for usage...

I will try to keep an eye, but I feel as though there should easily be a feature to help customers get notified when they are getting close to their usage minutes...

August 2013 the idea was lunched (apparently), March 2016 still nothing... I see alot of people frustrated over the issue of getting crazy bills (hundreds of dollars even), and I feel as though it should be an easy feature to add...

In the meantime, I will try to monitor the app (amongst other priorities).....