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Airtime fees when upgrading plan.

I've upgraded my plan twice now. Both times they hit me with large airtime fees even though at time of upgrade I was no where close to going over in minutes. My last upgrade was 9 days before renewal and I was most likely not above 50% of airtime used. 
I find it frustrating that these charges keep getting added to my bill and that I have to pay Koodo to call or email to discuss it. 
I've generally had no problems with Koodo but have quickly realized that when there is a problem, no one is there to help unless you pay them. 
Who do I contact to discuss issues with my bill without having to pay Koodo for allowing me the benefit of discussing why I'm being charged when I don't believe I should?
Thanks everyone.

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You keep getting those charges because your changing your plan half way through or partially through your billing cycle and the remainder is being pro rated as usual. Completely normal and actually on the website as well. They won't charge you to dispute your bill
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You do not pay to dial 611 to talk to customer support to dispute a bill. It's free, and there's no charge to call about a billing dispute because there's really no other way. Have you been using the toll free number? That'll use up daytime minutes if you call during your daytime hours.

What did page 3 of your bill say? It has a detailed explanation of where the charges come from, and minutes used. You say most likely, but are you certain that you did not go over 50% of airtime used when you had around  70% available by changing 9 days in? And you include the 30% you have for the 9 days left being ok, assuming that you didn't get an unlimited talk plan or something?
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I recommend changing plans the day after the end of the billing cycle and to not use any mins that day before the change.  This way you dont have any issues with pro-rated minutes
Thanks for all the advice.