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Advice Needed! False Roaming Charges

Hi All!

I was in the US for a few days last month from the 1st of the September. Knowing that data charges are high, I kept data disabled on my mobile for the entire course of the trip. However, I got two charges of $5 each for data on both my August bill and September bill.
US 1X Data Roaming
Total used [b]0.004 (MB)

US 1X Data Roaming
Total used [b]0.006 (MB)

[b]What makes no sense is how I could use just 0.004MB and 0.006 bytes? I did not turn my mobile's internet on, yet this charge is present. Plus, I entered the US only on the morning of the 1st, which means that it can't appear on two separate billing cycles either.

Can somebody advise me on what I can do in this case? I really think its unfair to pay $10 when I never used a particular service. Its obvious that there is no way I could have switched on my phone's internet to use just 0.004 or 0.006MB either!

Also pay-per-use states that I can send 100 outgoing messages/$5. However on my bill,
Roaming Txt Msg - Sent
Total used 54 (Msg)

I don't know how they can charge me $10 for just 54 messages which is less than 100!!

I think that I should have a way to seek reimbursement for these charges. Can somebody please tell me what I can do?

EDIT: Also, my phone is a NEXUS 5.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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I don't if this helps others, but I call Koodo and give them dates that I intend to visit family, at Vermont and Cornwall borders. To date i've never been billed, for anything related to US.
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Hi there, give us a call at *611 from your cell or 1-866-995-6636 from another phone, option #5. We'll have a look into it (we can't access accounts from here). Thank you! 
I also use a Nexus 5 and was in the US for two weeks in September. I have the phone set for data off while roaming, and was using it only on WiFi. During the two week period I had two $5.00 charges for using data while roaming. Both of the usages showed up as 0.00 mb on the self servic website, and were rounded to 0.01 on the bill. I suspect the Nexus 5 has a data leak from some app that occasionally causes a small amount of data to be used, even though I had data roaming turned off. I didn't contact Koodo about it, because I was in the US and have no doubt the phone used the data. But why only twice, on two different days a week and a half apart? My phone, my problem? Should I contact Koodo to reverse charge, or accept the responsibility?
jim wrote:

I also use a Nexus 5 and was in the US for two weeks in September. I have the phone set for data ...

Hi Jim,

Sounds like you have the same issue as well. I don't know about the data leak issue though. Generally your system should not be able to access the internet when you don't give it permission. I had both my data while roaming and my general data tab set to zero.

I shall check it up with Koodo and hopefully they will be able to solve it since it is a genuine issue. (I think they will see as well that I could have never intended to use 0.004 MB). I also want to check up about the messaging charge which seems more than expected.

I'll post their response here once I get it.

So an update,

I spoke to the Koodo service representative and explained the issue. She mentioned that sometimes its possible for data to leak even when settings account for it. Since it was just 0.004MB used she agreed that it was completely unintentional. She has removed the charge from the current bill.

However, since I had paid my previous bill she said that she could not do anything about the previous bill which also had the same charge. I do not blame them for that. Overall, I was pleasantly satisfied with their response. I think you should also call them and explain the situation. Cheers.