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Additional Charge for change of plan

I just changed my plan, and now on my bill, I have to pay for the ENTIRE month of my old plan (50$) PLUS my new plan of 40$. Is this normal?? I am not happy to be paying 100$ instead of 40$.

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It's proration. It's normal with all cellphone companies. You are not actually paying any more. Remember that they charge you a month in advance. So, it may seem more you are definitely not overpaying.
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When you look at the bill, The ACCOUNT DETAIL section is the area you will see the dates you were bill for the old plan and new plan. Credits for the old plan for the time you didn't have it and charges for the new plan for the times that you did. As Chris mentioned...proration.
Hey guys, thanks for the quick answer, but I still don't understand. If I paid 1 month in advance a year ago when I got my phone, and now again, does that mean I have 2 months in advance paid? That seems strange! And in the account detail, it says it's for August 18 till Sept 17, which is a month of my contract, and I have been charge full plan (40$ + 50$) as if I used 1 month of both plans. Maybe I missed something but I still don't understand why I am not overpaying.