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Adding a second line

I'm interested in adding a second line to my account which would belong to my girlfriend (of 5 years) to take advantage of family calling. A few questions: Will she still be able to get the.gift card if she gets a new phone on the new line? If she ever wanted her own account with that line could she easily switch? And my big question is when would be the best time to do it regarding proration? ie last day of cycle and will the bill for the new line be the exact same cycle as my current one? Thanks

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Hi there... Yes, You will be eligible to have the.gift Card on that New activation for your girlfriend. If ever you want to switch the account to her or the other way around, you will need to wait 3 months after activation to Transfer the line. And last question, check your billing cycle and do the activation on the last day of your billing cycle to avoid proration...
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Just wanted to add: there is a $25 fee for transferring the line to a new account in her name.
ok great very clear, thanks so much for the help!