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adding a name onto bill

  • 22 February 2021
  • 3 replies

I currently have the bill coming in only my name. I would like to have the bill in both my spouse and my name. Is this possible?  Both names are already listed in the charges for each line.



3 replies

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It’s not possible.  It’s because you opened an account and you are the account owner, that’s  why the bills comes to you. 

But, if you add your spouse’s name as an authorized person, s/he can talk to a rep without you or change plan...etc. 

So basically, if I opened the account, it's always only able to be in my name? A second name cannot be added as the bill to, correct?

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Correct, it’s as Mayumi said. You can definitely have two people who are authorized to make changes etc, but legally, the one who opened the account (you) is the only name on the contract/bill. You can perform a change of ownership to make your spouse the legal owner (and thus, their name will feature on the invoice), but there are costs involved in the change.