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Add-on charged to my bill

  • 5 October 2020
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I see on my last bill that an add-on was charged ($3 for Data Block with Picture Message).

I did not add this on to my account.  Can anyone advise why this charge would be there?

How do I contact someone in billing to have it removed?



3 replies

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Many usersdid not remember that they have this add-on but until recently it was free.

Koodo has introduced a $3 charge for the Data Block add-on recently resulting in many customers realizing that they now have this add-on (and it is no longer free).

If you do not require this add-on, you may remove it via your self serve account. Be sure to put in place measures (like disable ‘mobile’ data and disable data apps ‘background processing’) to ensure that you eliminate data usage.

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Hello Marie-Eve,


The rate for Data Block increased to $3 for customers who had the feature at $0 or $2.  An advance notice of this increase was sent on your August invoice and also an email reminder. 


Best regards,


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