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Actual bill nor details not available on EPOST?!

I signed up for EPOST bills so I can get a variety of my bills in one place. Yet, when I click the "Details" button on Koodo's "bill", it just takes me to the Koodo login page. Doesn't this defeat the purpose of EPOST?

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I guess you are right. I don't think most people even know what epost is. When you find out that it's run by the government ( Canada Post) I cringe. 🙂 When you visit their page it's unclear what exactly they offer and the whole "get your bills in one place" didn't jump out at all. The list of companies seem few, Bell, Koodo isn't on the list from what I can tell. That is maybe why epost sort of fakes it and asks you to login to the koodo page. I'm sure epost charges businesses so they can offer the customer the service for free for now. Once they have enough customers epost used to the idea I guaratee you there will be a service charge of X dollars a month even for you. Canada Post is bleeding red and needs to find new sources of revenue. This could one of them. I redirect all my ebills coming into my email to a designated folder. It achieves the same and I'm not tied to anyone. But that's just me. 🙂
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Yes, epost directs you to the provider for your detail information. They are responsible only for transferring the billing amount and date to you and have developed an interface with most of the banks to make it easy to switch between the bill and the payment process on your banks website. The do this for all the utility bills I receive. Unfortunately for Canada Post, the process has not really taken off, and many payees do not participate. I'm not sure I'd want all my billing info congregated in one place.
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whole idea of an e-post was to know your bill and see it before its too late ..details comes from person sending you an epost instead of statement of the bill . best way to do it is do PAD and only way to pay your bills on time is not to wait for the due date. due date is shoddy tactics from everyone providing services hoping that you miss it and they can charge you 3% more for no reason . 27th my bill comes out and my PAD (pre authorised debit ) charges same invoice for my plan + tax on 28th . if there is an outstanding amt after, i see if i can dispute and resolve before due date and pay it before due date .. if you have signed up for 40$ plan you know you are paying 40+tax for sure . why not pay it . and see if your have other additional charge and things like data overages coming up before due date .. But that just me ..
I do pay most of the bills that I can with pre-authorized debit or credit card, but I still want to get (and print) a copy of the actual bill, with detail. One biller on EPOST of the five I added does present a PDF document, and the PDF looks the same as my paper bill would have. I suppose that's what I expected of other billers like Koodo. Yet, even if a biller didn't offer a PDF, at the very least I did expect to not have to log in somewhere else to get the detail. If they are going to show me an HTML view instead, fine, but don't force me to log in elsewhere to get the detail that would have been on the bill. SSO would have been a possibility. The whole reason I signed up for EPOST in the first place was to avoid having to log in to every company I do business with once per month to download the bill from their proprietary system.