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Accidental Easy Roam Charges?

  • 19 February 2021
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I'm currently residing in the US with my husband and have the Easy Roam add-on. On my latest bill, it says I have $64 (8 days) of Easy Roam usage during that period. However, I only intentionally used 2 of these - 6 days ($48!) are from times I accidentally pressed the voicemail notification button on my phone (I closed voicemail each time within 5 seconds). I've taken off Easy Roam since realizing that I was being charged for each of these incidents, and I'm wondering if there is any way to have these charges removed from my bill. It even says on the invoice that just a single minute was used for each of these days… I’m hoping to get some answers here in the forum so I can avoid more phone charges if I have to call a representative.

2 replies

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Every times you used your voicemail, you dialed a voicemail number and the phone connected to it. That triggered an easyroam event and Koodo considered it as an eligible charge.

Anyway, You could try to contact them directly and ask them for credit to compensate for it. However, there isn’t any warranty that they could revert the charge. If you are in US, I would suggest you chat with a rep via facebook messaging https://www.facebook.com/Koodo or twitter https://twitter.com/koodo

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Just an FYI that turning off easy roam wont prevent accidental charges from happening.  It just means the accidents will be charged at pay per use roaming rates which are very expensive.