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about my bill

On Feb 14th my cheque for 101.85 was cashed. Why are you saying that I still owe 71.something. My cheque went through,hasn't the collection company contacted you yet, It's not like I wasn't paying my bill, I was still putting money on it. May not get my phone put back on, but I don't want to see that I still owe you money. Funny thing too, I can't get into my account to see how much I still owe on the phone, which I don't think I owe anything but still I can't see my own account, because I'm not authorized.

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If it's a collection company who looking for paying the bill than you must have not been a koodo customer for a while. That explains why you can't log in.
Once your account is sent to collections, it is out of Koodo's hands. You will need to contact the collection agency to deal with this.
but it's Koodo that still says that I owe money. I can't get into my account to see how much I owe on my next bill. I don't have the authority to get into my own account, How sad.Thanks for your reply. It was very quick. Is there any way that you can give me the number to the collection agency as I threw my bill out when I paid it.
I had a collection notice about 2 weeks maybe 3 before I paid it. I was still paying my bill whenever I could, not the full amount but some.
If you did not call Koodo to set up parrs, then there's a good chance they sent it to collections. You will need to call Koodo to confirm this information and proceed from there.
thank you for your help