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about bill please answer me as soon as possible

I left Canada on february 9,I forgot to stop the phone sim card ,afterward my landlord and my teacher told me I need to pay the bill but I already asked bank, I can't pay in China。Now I learned that my bill had sent to NCO Financial Service,and I don't know how to pay the bill in CHINA。I want to know if I pay this after I go back Canada immediately,isn’t it late ?I will go back Canada on july 26.

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If it's already been sent to a collection agency then it's already late and the damage to your credit is done. Forget about it until you return to Canada and pay it when you get back because it won't make much of a difference. I do recommend calling the collection agency and explain the situation or they will keep harassing your friends and family until you setup a payment arrangement. Good luck Chad
I agree with Chad minus the fact DO NOT WAIT until you get back to Canada. Call the collections agency ASAP because they're getting interest off it the longer you don't make payments or make payment arrangements.