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  • 6 April 2021
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Hi there, I added a new phone for my son. At that time, Koodo gave him a new phone number. 

My son didn’t like the number, so I chagnged it before I received a new phone. 

For this month bill, I can see a fee $10 for the old number. I want to have a conversation with a real person.

Would you help me ?  My phone number is 250-230-9901

1 reply

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You can’t request a callback by posting your number in the public forum. If you would like a callback go here www.koodo.com/chat and follow the conversation with the digital bot.

Regarding the charge on your 1st temporary number. The started to charge you from the date of activation (with the new number). When you changed your number, there will be a temporary number charge and there should be a credit for it in the PDF bill. I would suggest you go to the billing area and check the detail in the PDF bill. Normally the page 3 or 4 should have the detail.