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A problem with your system that needs to be fixed

I got a phone line with you guys for myself and for my husband.  We each have our own bills.  I'm so happy with my service and the fact that you guys cap the bill that I decided to buy 3 more phones.  One of them is an older kid who pays her own bill.  The other two are minors so I put them on mine.  The issue I came across is when I tried to sign up for self serve, it wouldn't let me go in and I figured out the reason why.  Let's say my full name is XYZ as per stated on my driver's license.  You guys put me in as XYZ the first time and then the second and third time just as XZ.  So I was trying to enter XYZ and it wasn't working.  The name will have to be the same always without human error.  While I was entering XYZ it was expecting XZ.  That's the first issue.  The second issue was because I was entering my phone number - the first one I signed up with months ago.  So it said it didn't recognize that number.  I kept trying different combinations and finally I got it.  Turns out it's XZ with the 3rd phone number I added.  I have an IT customer service back ground, so I was able to figure this out, but it eluded my husband completely!!  I can imagine it's going to be problematic for many of your customers - sitting in frustration trying to figure it out and wasting your time with customer service agents.  The other issue I have is that phone number 3 is actually in the hands of my step kid that I'm not standing next to 24/7.  This is the one you now have configured as the "main" phone number where the billing is going to be sent to and that can't happen if you actually want me to pay on time.  I also don't want my husband's ex wife looking at my bills.  The other phone is in the hands of an autistic kid who is super unlikely to come tell me a text came in not for him.  If I didn't put the bill for the older kid in her name and she was last on my bill, she lives 3 hours away from me.  You have got to take these things in to consideration when developing your system.  You have to set it up in a way that the person paying the account gets the sms texts to pay the account.  The solution in the end was to cancel my phone and re-add it as your system is set up to bill the last one added, but I shouldn't have to jump through hoops to do that.  According to your customer service agent, it was easy for me only because my account is currently at zero, but I would imagine if this happened during a billing time I would have been pretty angry.  You will have to do something to change that.  AT THE VERY LEAST LEAST LEAST the guys standing in the booth need to INFORM customers who add other lines "hey there's a hiccup in our system we need to work out, in the meanwhile, here's what will happen...."

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I think that's a very reasonable request. Apologies you ran into so many problems but glad you found some solutions as well.
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"I got a phone line with you guys for myself and for my husband.  We each have our own bills."
"older kid who pays her own bill"
"The other two are minors so I put them on mine"

 - You added your 2 minor kids under your account as subscriber - that can be XZ as their name.
 -  You have 3 different accounts/bills.
1) Your account -your name XYZ - you receive a bill for you and 2 kids. 
2) your husband -his name - he receive his own bill
3)your oldest child - her name. - she receive her own bill.

When you sign up for self serve, you can register 3 self serve account under each 1,2,3's  name.
And you can check your minor kids (XZ's) numbers, usage, plan ...etc under your(1) name.
(You can't register self serve under kids name(XZ) because they are subscriber. I mean you could, but you access only minimal info)

I'm confusing what happened here.
Why subscriber become account owner/main phone number...?
How did you add 2 kids? At a kiosk?

"...so I was able to figure this out, but it eluded my husband completely!!"
 - He was never under anybody's name/account. He has his own account and receive his own bill.
Mayumi wrote:

"I got a phone line with you guys for myself and for my husband.  We each have our own bills...

It eluded my husband why I couldn't log in mine when his was working. If he couldn't figure it out, how many other people can't figure it out? That's what I meant by him. I signed up at a kiosk. That's why I said the people at the kiosk should at least know about this problem. Yes, the "subscriber" became main number. Now I had to make myself subscriber. Whatever last number you add becomes main number. So I did mine in February and my kids in July, the 2nd kid I added became primary account. It's the way their system is set up. I couldn't set up self serve because I never thought to use my kid's number to log in. Also when I said "use my name" instead of my kids names they didn't write it exactly as it says on my drivers license.