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A creditable question

I'm a university student and applying for a credit card now, will I be able to get a phone with a monthly plan soon or will I have to build up credit first?

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the monthly plan really depends on your current credit history. You can always go to koodo and see if you can get a monthly plan. if you don't qualify, wait for 6-9 months of using your credit card properly, and see if your situation changes.
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my bet is yes you will be able to get a monthly plan i don't own a credit card at all and i got my plan over a year ago you should be good to go. i could be wrong and if i am im sorry but either way its worth going to a koodo both in a mall and talking to them about it they will be able to work something out with you
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You may be placed on $200 Spending Limit Program.
Okay, thanks everybody!
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Mikayla Donovan wrote:

Okay, thanks everybody!

no problem glad i could help good luck