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70$ for one month?with no extra usage of minutes and messages?how?

Hi, why my bill for this month is 68 dollars to pay when my monthly plan is 29 and I didn't do extra calls and messages. Why I have to pay double price?in December the situation will be the same?i will have to pay almost 70$ for only one month?!where are these amounts from when there are no extra usage of minutes and messages and no calls overseas?

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Is this your first bill? If that is the case the first bill will include cost of the time since you signed up until the billing period and then then next month after that. There is also a statement on the top right hand corner of the bill which explains all of this.
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There could be a number of things, but check the 3rd page of your bill. Details are there. Anything from extra use to reconnections charges to whatever. It's all there.