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$60 Data plan: Do long distance charges still apply to unlimited anytime minutesÉ

I was choosing a new plan and went with the $60 Canada wide data plan. I was about to add the 5 essentials add-on, but was told by someone that "unlimited anytime minutes" and "evenings and weekends" would cover long distance charges across provinces. I am a bit unsure of this, and it is VERY important to me because I call PEI and Nova Scotia a lot from New Brunswick. Will those long distance calls/minutes be covered under my $60 Canada Wide Data Plan, or will I likely still need the 5 essentials?

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Canada Wide means exactly that. No long distance charges as long as you call from Canada to any Canadian number. In this case, you would not need the Five Essentials.
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I am on that plan (well a grandfathered version of that plan). It is indeed unlimited nationwide!
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And the unlimited Canada wide long distance calling takes on a whole new meaning when you connect something like a XLink Cellular Bluetooth Gateway (Google it if unfamiliar) as now every "wired" phone in your house can make (and receive) calls via your Koodo phone.