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38$ QC only plan and moving to ON

I want to switch to Koodo and get the QC only 38$ plan. However, I am planning on moving to ON in 2016.

Will I be able to keep the 38$ plan and keep paying 38$ but change my number for an ON number?

Is there any fee to change the phone number following a move?

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There's no fee to change a phone number through self serve, but since you're crossing provinces, it might not be possible on there. You might have to call in. It's free, don't worry. However if you change to an Ontario phone number you might lose the QC plan. You're better off keeping it but I know that's gonna be hard with the locals in Ontario who don't have Canada wide calling plans. It's up to you.
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To change the phone number to Ontario there is no fee But once you cross provinces the qc plan becomes Null in Ontario and you will Need to pick from one of the handful of Ontario plans koodo offers