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30BUNDLE Activation Notice UNCLEAR

I am currently traveling overseas and decided to choose the 30BUNDLE add-on. I texted the request on May 7th from my cel cel phone ,"Text SAVE to learn about...". This was the first time I have ever added on a service via text and thought this was the confirmation that the add-on was registered. So for the next few days I used my cel phone as if the 30BUNDLE was active. However, when viewing my bill, I saw that it was not and was charged $10.20 in fees. I then texted the 30BUNDLE again and then texted "SAVE" and only then was asked to confirm. This process was unclear and I suggest that once a customer texts a service they should receive clear information regarding the steps to take once selecting and then texting an add-on. I think it is unfair that I was charged this amount and would like to know how to get reimbursed?

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Call koodo, politely state your case and hope for the best.
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Customer Service is generally relatively good about such things, especially for smaller items. Definitely be polite a Timo said. It'll almost always get you farther, especially if t company was not at fault.
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Hi Coach! Can you please email us via this secure link: http://koo.do/11eMLdy and select "Social Media" so that we can look into this with you? Thanks 🙂