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24hrs grace period

Have an add-on that will allow a custom a 24 hour grace period when they roam. So that if they forget to make the necessary changes they are not unnecessarily penalised. For just a buck it might give cistomers going on vacation a bit more peace of mind.

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Generally, add-ons would need to have the users authorization to have them put on the account. With that being said, if such a customer calls to add the feature, they might as well add the roaming plan.
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Unfortinately what you're asking is free roaming for a day. Anyone with general sense or anyone who uses a cell phone should have some sense of knowledge what roaming is. Not to be rude but nothing is free now a days unfortinately it's the nature of the beast
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I think this would enable a lot of abuse. If I cross the border for a day, why would I then pay for anything?
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Essentially, what you're asking for is a roaming package that lasts 1-day.
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I take it you got penalized for not knowing about roaming or what to do when traveling? Lol. Like everyone else I don't see this happening, learn about your phone and service as much as possible and get the most out of your smartphone with no surprises, it actually becomes fun and somewhat addicting and you just might be surprised at some of the things you figure out about both 😉