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2 phones on 1 account - can I have a separate VIsa attached to each phone ?https://community.koodomobile.com/topic/show?tid=7799123&fid=66727

  • 3 October 2020
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I have one account - but two phones. Mine and my daughter’s. 

I want to have my PHONE  attached to my visa and

her PHONE attached to her Visa.  

Don’t see how I can do this - via the Koodo site… and cannot see to contact and actual Koodo person when calling.

2 replies

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If both lines are on one account, you can't have seperate ways to pay them. One option is to split the accounts, or ask her to pay you back...

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You will need to call in to Koodo and request a transfer of ownership for your daughter’s line.  Then your daughter would need to call in to complete the transfer to her own new account (a new account credit check, as per any other new account).   Note there is a $10 fee for a transfer of ownership