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2 account numbers. Paying my bills on the wrong account number. Confident that Data usage will come back to zero but still being charged for

Why is it I have two different Account Numbers? One is from my Service Agreement form and the other was a mail coming from koodo. I used the one on the mail to pay my bill. Knowing that my Data Usage will come back to zero, I'm using my Koodo phone to connect to the internet and I just receive that I need to pay $40 dollars for data usage? I tried to check my E-bill and used the Account number from the mail and it says that's not the correct account number. I found out that I have two account numbers once i checked my Service Agreement form. So when I tried to use that to register to my E-bill, it got accepted. And I still owe $80.22 from which I already paid!! Can that payment be moved to the Correct account number. I still have here the mail and the receipt.

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You will have to call Koodo (*611 a free call on your Koodo cell) to rectify the 2 account number issue and I am sure they can find a way to correct your payment. It will probably take some time to correct.
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Was the second account number from a bill sent from koodo? Im only asking because if you have ebilling then it sounds like a scam.