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$10 monthly discount for 12 months when upgrading

  • 19 September 2020
  • 5 replies

Didn't see any discount at checkout. Text states "your discount will appear during the checkout process." What's up?

5 replies

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If that was a personal offer, was there any code or coupon with the text? 

I had the same problem last night. Got the same text offer which said that the discount would apply at checkout.

Nothing happened

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Save your text message and contact them if you don't see the discount when you actually received E-bill.  They will fix it for you easily.

Or if you want to do it before you upgrade, them contact them through FB or Twitter and ask them to make sure they put a not about yout deal on your bill.

Thanks Mayumi! Always wondered what the best way to contact given the limitations of echat. I'll try the before, rather than the after. No special code, but the offer mentioned it was for existing customers upgrading.

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@jethibea @Mr. BIG Just to be clear….the text does state credit is on select plans….are you both saying you are choosing the correct plans and things still don’t seem to be working?