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$10 credit not applied to bill help

  • 8 September 2021
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Hi, I was offered 10 dollars credit for 24 months when I join Koodo. I have a printed confirmation that shows my credit.  However, when I receive my first bill I noticed that the 10 dollars credit wasn’t applied. Can someone here help to connect me with a Koodo rep to get this sorted? much appreciated. 

5 replies

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Did you port your number from another carrier or change your number? If so, it was the most common for the credit to drop. You would need a rep to put it back on

Yeah I did change my number. that was probably the reason why credit went missing. also I noticed the credit on the previous number was only 5 dollars. but I was offered 10 dollars for 24 months when sign up for the service in store. I have an order confirmation confirming the offer I get. 

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I'll flag a Rep to assist you for having the credit reapplied.


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Hi @YYL! Please keep an eye out for a private message from our @Koodo account :)