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$10 BYOD discount not seen after 3rd bill

Signed up two lines with Koodo (@ Koodo Kiosk) on Dec 31st with $10 BYOD, was told it would be applied on 2nd or 3rd bill. Just received third bill and no discount on it. Anyone else with this issue?

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Hello A,

If you see that on your next bill it still hasn't applied, I would contact Koodo. But for now, I wouldn't bother contacting them because I'm sure that some employee in the community will se your questions and will solve your problem.

Also, whenever the discount applies, you'll get it for the next 6 or 12 months. So it doses't really matter when it starts applying.
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Hi A - did you by chance change your number/port in a number after activation? That may have caused issues with the credits to be applied automatically. I'm unable to pull up an account matching your email address, but if you send us a private message on Facebook, a rep can help look into this with you.