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1 st bill for one extra month

I activated by sim on 3 rd January. I got a bill on 14 Jan of the time remaining for the billing cycle to start plus connection fee plus 1 month extra. It came upto 96 dollars. I paid for the same. So I paid for a month in advance. I thought that this would be adjusted against the next month. Now I have been billed for January to February. of 36 dollars. My regular months fees.
Now, what happens to the 1 month extra fees I paid ?? When is it adjusted ???

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Does the link below help explain your 1st bill? It will include the 1st short billing cycle then next months bill and a $35 activation fee if you signed up in-store. Have a look at the PDF of your bill online and it should make sense.

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You always pay a month in advance.
Say your billing cycle is on the 10th of each month.

Your first bill received in January would've been:
Jan 3-Jan 10 (Prorated days from activation)
Jan 11 - Feb 10 (Regular billing)

Your next bill received in February would be:
Feb 11 - Mar 10

And so on...
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It's adjusted when you leave. Just like your home internet or cable bill.