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you don't care

I am very disappointed with you know.. I just got off the phone after making a full payment of $82.00 when I only needed to make a 69.00 payment. I was recently hospitalized and could not make a payment of 69.00 the phone is now suspended . As soon as I was well enough I paid my account in full of 82.00 my phone is still not working do to your policy what a shame for 69.00 this is very sad that for some one had stayed current now has to suffer

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That's a tough break, man. I'm sorry about your situation. The thing is, all banking payments can take a few business days to process. The billing system is automated. It's not like someone is sitting behind a computer trying to screw up your life. They just can't override it. The best thing you can try is call customer service to report the payment again and plead your case to see what they can help you out with.
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This is unfortunate. Like Jonathan mentioned, Koodo is at the whim of the financial institution you made your payment through, and their systems take several days to process a payment. In the future, if the delay between you making your payment at the bank and Koodo receiving the funds is going to be too long a period of time, I recommend making a payment with your credit card as this method of payment happens instantly. Yet another option is to have pre-authorized debit from your credit card or checking account. in those times when you cannot make it to the bank to make your payment. Like I said, this is unfortunate, however Koodo does give it's users several convenient options for ensuring payments are received on time in order to help you and should not be held accountable if the customer does not use them. I hope you're feeling better. If not, get well soon!