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Yahtzee slow on Samsung Galaxy lll

I'm playing Yahtzee on my Samsung Galaxy lll. It is getting very slow or some times it says its not responding. I guess cause its a free game I get a lot of pop up ads.I usually just close them. Is there anything you can do to speed it up or at least not grt ity bogged down with no response. Thank you Jackie

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I would say maybe get rid of any other useless apps on your phone, do a nice clean up, also make sure to turn of your phone daily and to close any unused app.
I have clean sweep on my phone but even that is slow.I have a lot of apps I don't use but I may need them in the future
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Are you playing it over a data connection with friends online? If so where are you located, it could be a slow connection. Or you could be in an area that your barely connecting and the connection is dropping and that's why your getting the not responding. Also the Galaxy S3 is a slow phone, it's over 3 years old and the processing power isn't the greatest. My wife use to have the S3 and it would get painfully slow. When did you get the phone?
Hi Paul...you are probably right. I just got the phone a couple weeks ago! I do recall being told it was an older phone. It is a big step up from an old flip thst caĺled 911. I had a couple people (seemed like a but I think they were just repetitive ...haha) wanting me to get a phone or plan that I coild text or callable vice versa!! That quickly became old and I found other uses for my phone !! If only I had known I may have gotten a different phone!!! Just couldn't see I be using it to play Yahtzee.
The game is really slow even closing some time I have a hard time thinking its the old phone Maybe when I take it back and get a new one it will be different