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Wrong name on shipping address

I ordered a phone online under a targeted promo and am now realising that it has been shipped under my mother's name instead of mine. She lives in a different province and will be unable to pick it up in store. Is there anyway to make it so that I can pick it up? I ordered it under MY tab in our account and was never given an option to pick the shipping name. I assumed it would be sent to me because it was under my part of the account. I need to pick the phone up and do not want to miss out on the promo I received. Can I at least get it redirected to a Canada post in her area?

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Webstore orders are shipped to the billing address and usually cannot be redirected ( fraud prevention purposes). You can send the webstore an email and see what you can do OR just have your mother mail it to you once she gets it. It doesn't go back right away and then shipper usually provides people some way to pickup undeliverable mail. If you ordered as part of a promo then the promo should still be available when you get the phone. What promo did you order under btw?