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Writing on the Wall(paper)

So here I sit - in all my absolute Noobiness - wanting to make the most out of my first smartphone. After two days of tweeking to near perfection I hit a wall of sadness when I realized that after all this hard work I'm still almost sure to lose this phone. It's what I do. Then it occurred to me to download a Sticky-note option and have alternate contact information sit on top of my rocking wallpaper photo so anyone finding it would know what to do to get it back to me (since of course it's now locked and all that info is inaccessible). I downloaded the sticky feature... wrote my note... then realized that the information does NOT, in fact, display on the front page. You have to actually open the note (with its own password) to get the info. FAIL! It seems like such an obvious feature to be available, I'm sure it already exists... but where? how? Anyone have any ideas besides making the info my entire wallpaper (which is frankly ickily boring in my opinion)?

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Hi Flea,

Another good way of having contact information on the lock screen is to enable the owner information. The steps to do this are as follows:

Settings - Security - Owner Info - click on the box to enable the owner information - type in your name and contact info that you'd like to have present.

It will automatically save the information after you type it in. So simply lock the phone and turn the screen on and it should display on the lock screen.

Hope that helps answer your question 🙂
Oh.... My.... Goodness, Mister Gunn. You've done hit the bullseye again!!! Doing that now. THANK YOU!
Gave me exactly the result I'd hoped for.     So now, my new question to you is how do I mark this as having been successfully answered, with a point out to your answer as being the solution?   Or is that something that the moderators do?
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Flea wrote:

Gave me exactly the result I'd hoped for.     So now, my new question to you is how do ...

The moderators will automatically change it to say I that it has been answered Flea. Glad I could help out! 🙂
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You should also go to the app Google Settings > Android Device Manager Here you can set up remote locate and remote wipe. By logging into your google account. https://www.google.com/android/devicemanager?u=0 This is similar to Find My iPhone.
Wow! I set it up and tried it -- quickly realized I had to also change the "location" setting on my phone as well -- and it "found" me right away! I can see myself using the RING function several times per day, after having put it down in "safe" places. Have I told you all lately how much all of you seriously rock?????