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Would like to see more phones for $0 upfront on a tab small

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Would like to see more phones at $0 upfront on a tab small, and on tab small-er in QC.
2016's we have:
  • Samsung Galaxy J3
  • LG X Power
  • Moto G4 Play
2017's we have:
  • LG X Power 2
  • Alcatel A50
I know we saw the LG G4 liquidate at $0 on tab small until stock depleted (but wasn't tab small-er in QC, regardless was a smashing promo).
Moto G5 is exclusive to Bell/Virgin/Videotron. No 2017 budget Samsung out yet. Saw the specs on the Alcatel, not sure if it offers any perks above the LG X Power 2 (camera seems weak). I am looking forward to LG X Power 2 hitting the shelves at The Mobile Shop.
Perhaps start liquidating the Moto G4 Plus for $0 on a tab small (and small-er in QC)? Although it's a 2016 phone, I think sales have been slow on that phone across all carriers (not too many keen on paying mid-range pricing for a Moto G series device).
Also, would be great to see Galaxy A5 2017 for $0 on a tab small on upgrades the same way it was done for the Galaxy S5 Neo.
Would like to see more of these tab small phones on Koodo.

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