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won't accept my password so I can't set it up and where do I find my acct number?

can't find the acct number to pay bill will they send me a paper bill? as the online service sucks

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Hi Wendy, What password is not being accepted? Your accoutn number is stated in the sheets you signed and were given a copy of. On the E-bill, you can find it on the first page, under your name on the second line. If your looking at the bill on your PC, you can press control and f together, then type in Account Number in the find box if you still can't find it.
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Hey Wendy,

Could you confirm which password you are looking for? If you need help with your Koodo Self Serve account, please click here: http://koo.do/XqwgNd

Once you are logged into your account online, you will be able to check your .PDF invoice, your account number will be on the first page (8 digits on the upper-left corner)

Let us know if you still need help!